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where is the download?


Not available on windows?

Are you having trouble running it on windows? Download the zip file, unzip it and it should be able to run - it was packaged for windows 64bit

It says on the itch app "Not available on Windows"

If you are using the App it only would download an android version i believe - its packaged for a desktop computer using the browser site to unzip


The game was fun, even with its brevity. Downloaded using the browser site and played it. Fun game, but again, it was very short (please add more things thanks).

Thanks :D glad you enjoyed it, yea i wished i had time to add more upgrades and management tasks like buying supplies, paying fees and dealing with random events but a lot of work had to be done on core functionality - i did as much as i could in the time frame :)

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Uploaded a new trailer, last one was very choppy and made minutes before the deadline :)

Known bugs i found after submission:

Purchasing "Trash Removal" upgrade actually adds the trash back into the park, this is was because of a String.contains("Garbage") band-aid i used for quick array sorting last minute that flipped visibility settings

Ambience Audio very quiet outside of park bounds, i went a little crazy with the attenuation settings

Audio is very quiet in general - I forgot to calibrate my speakers while i was editing the ambience audio

Pedestrians running very quickly to get ice-cream in waves - I randomized the movement rate of peds on construction, when upgrades are purchased it spawns additional peds and some of them become synchronized track athletes  :p



this game was great! would love to play more of this if more things were added :D i left a few suggestions in the video too :D really awesome job on creating this! 
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Hey i really enjoyed your review  - Thanks for choosing to cover my submission, I'm glad you had fun :) - I wanted to add many more upgrades and small details like music from the stereo and more upgrades in general, maybe I'll develop it further - overall I'm really happy about how it turned out as i was the sole developer for 5 days and much of the work went into core functionality but it was a blast to work on.  Thanks again hope you enjoyed the jam!